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Cocadas from the Colombian Pacific


  • 1 medium coconut
  • ½ panela
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • ½ cup water


In the Pacific, the coconut is grated with the shell of the male pianga. Once it is grated, it is put in a pan with the panela in pieces, the cinnamon sticks and the water. All over medium heat.

Stir constantly to incorporate the ingredients well. We will keep it on the stove until the water dries and we have a honeydew consistency.

Remove from the heat and wait a moment to be able to handle the preparation with our hands. While this is going on, we prepare a butter paper or a waxed sheet for our cocadas to cool down.

Depending on the size you want to make, you take a little bit in your hands and give it the shape you want, either balls or circles.

At room temperature let cool and once this happens store in an airtight glass container or in a sealed can. Its freshness will last an average of 8 days.

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