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Consult dates in which the indicated rates do not apply.


Due to the current health contingency, we allow ourselves to inform you that if your trip is canceled due to border closures or COVID contagion, it will not be reimbursed, but any penalties that may apply will not be applied. 
Your trip is frozen, you will have a period of 365 calendar days from the day of purchase to reschedule your trip. Differences in rates due to changes in the season or new chosen dates must be assumed by 100% per passenger. 
If the service provider has different policies than those described, we will provide the relevant information at the time of evaluating the case. 
It is important to provide the laboratory test that confirms your infection within 24 hours of contagion in order to proceed with cancellations. 


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ASTUVIAJE GOURMET, has the necessary permits and licenses for its own activities as a VT travel agency and registered in the National Tourism Registry with permit number 46203 in compliance with Law 1558 of 2012 that modified Law 300 of 1996, in accordance with Decree 2438 of 2010 and the Consumer Statute Decree 1480 of 2011. ASTUVIAJE GOURMET accepts each and every one of the obligations or prohibitions imposed by current legislation, in relation to the exclusion or limitation of its professional responsibility in compliance with this website.

Unless authorized, websites may not hyperlink to any page other than the home page of this website, or to any website or material contained therein, nor may any entity hyperlink to any aspect of this website in emails for commercial purposes, without the prior express written consent of



Astuviaje Gourmet, is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300/96, DR 1075/97, Decree 2438 of 2010. The responsibility of the organizer of this tourist plan or package is limited to the terms and conditions of the program in relation to the provision and quality of the services, the agency does not assume any responsibility towards the user for the air transport service, except in the case of a chartered flight.

The reimbursement policies for services not provided due to situations of force majeure or fortuitous event, not attributable to the travel agency, before or during the trip, which may be subject to reimbursement, will be defined by each operator and will be confirmed to the user once the travel documents are reserved and issued, as well as the percentages of penalties or deductions. Astuviaje Gourmet is not jointly and severally liable for the sums requested in reimbursement. Reimbursements that may arise will be made within 30 calendar days following the request. However, in the event that the process takes longer for reasons beyond Astuviaje Gourmet, it will not recognize any interest on the amounts to be reimbursed.

The agency does not assume responsibility towards the user or traveler for events such as accidents, earthquakes, climatic or natural phenomena, denial of entry permits or visas, legal issues of the traveler, and any other case of force majeure or fortuitous event that may occur before or while traveling.

In case of force majeure or fortuitous event before or during the trip, or simply in order to guarantee the success of the plan, the operator and/or the agency may modify, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, flights, hotels, optional services, which is now accepted by the passenger at the time of purchasing the services.

Likewise, in the specific conditions of each plan, the form of payment and term will be defined. The value and form of payment of deposits or advances, tickets, reservations, will be subject to the conditions of the organizer of such events, which will be informed at the time of purchase.

The passenger will be solely responsible for the custody of their luggage and travel documents. Astuviaje Gourmet will inform the passenger of the restrictions established by the airlines in terms of prohibitions, maximum weight and number of pieces per passenger, people allowed in the attractions or tourist sites, limitations or impediments to access by maximum quota. However, it will be the exclusive responsibility of the passenger to comply with said policies.

All additional information regarding validity, conditions, exit taxes from Colombia and abroad, rates, charges and other mandatory payments, must be consulted with the travel advisor at the time of making the reservation, and the passenger will be informed in travel documents.

Bajo la ley de retracto conforme al Artículo 47 del Estatuto del Consumidor que reza claramente que para retractarse de la compra de un viaje el usuario cuenta con 5 días hábiles posteriores a la compra para accionar el derecho de retracto, nos permitimos informarle que una vez pasados estos días el pasajero no cuenta con derecho de apelación ante el mismo y recaen las penalidades que operador, hotel, tours y servicios en general comprados para el viaje hayan sido expedidos.

Likewise, it is important to clarify that in the case of promotional programs, the withdrawal law does not apply and the company's cancellation penalties apply.

For astuviaje gourmet programs the following cancellation penalties apply:

30% of the total of the reservation when it is retracted after the reservation is confirmed and guaranteed. (after 5 business days of the withdrawal law if this is not a promotional rate)

50% of the total reservation when it is retracted 30 business days or less, before starting the trip.

100% of the total reservation when it is canceled 8 business days before or less, before starting the trip.

Once the trip has started, there is no right to partial reimbursement of the agreed services that are not used by the passenger.

When the passenger requires a complete advice of the destination and does not arrive at the instance of the purchase of the plan, 1.5% will be charged on the total amount of the trip quoted and advised.

When the passenger requires advice on a session, whether it is visa processing, destination, aeronautical process, travel with pets, among others, it will cost $100,000.

Consultations that take more than one attention session must be verified the rates of the professional who attends the request.

All prices, rates, taxes, rates or contributions, presented in the bulletin, our website:, social networks of astuviaje gourmet or quote are subject to change, availability and validity without prior notice, which must be assumed by the passenger at the time of issuance of travel documents. Restrictions and conditions apply to each published rate according to its validity, hotel rates depend on the selected accommodation. The client and/or the agency declares that he knows and fully accepts these conditions.

RNT No. 46203

Astuviaje Gourmet is committed to the Code of Conduct against child sexual exploitation and violence and in compliance with articles 16 and 17 of Law 679 of 2001 warns about the legal consequences of sexual exploitation and abuse of minors.


For the reservation of any program, a deposit equivalent to 30% is needed, as a guarantee for your reservation. The total payment must be made 15 days before the departure of the flight, or it depends on the program and the conditions of the operator at the destination. 


  • Services not used are non-refundable once the trip has started.
  • The prices of land services are subject to modifications with the prior authorization of the National Tourism Corporation.

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