Mexican cuisine is known for its succulence and great variety. Its origins date back to the pre-Hispanic period, when a large number of dishes revolved around corn, along with other ingredients such as: chiles, beans, pumpkins, avocado, tomato, cacao, nopal, rabbit meat, armadillo and turkey, as well as insects, frogs, turtles and a variety of fruits such as plums and pitayas.

With the arrival of the Spaniards there was also a crossbreeding in gastronomy and the pre-Columbian dishes were enriched with the introduction of fruits, sugar, oil, cereals such as wheat, spices such as oregano and black pepper, cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, milk and rice, among others.

Thus were born the dishes that have given worldwide fame to Mexican Gastronomy such as: mole, chiles en nogada, sopa de lima, cochinita pibil, carnitas and the famous tacos, among others.

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