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Welcome to astuviaje!

Hello! Start living from today with me the experiences of traveling in a different way.

I have been in the tourism market since 2003 and in the gastronomy market since I was very young, but if we are going to talk professionally since 2008.

When I started my career in tourism, I traveled as we all do! That is, to know the natural and cultural attractions, to buy souvenirs of the destination with local products and handicrafts, I let the guide be the everything for me in the destination I was visiting and I firmly believed in what he told me and suggested.

I do not detract from the work of a guide, they are key in a destination, but unfortunately if we want to go deeper into the culture, flavors and knowledge we must be the restless ones when choosing a destination and let ourselves be impregnated with it.

I visited many countries in this way, but I always felt that something was missing, that something did not ring a bell and it was in a moment of rupture, of radical changes in my personal and professional life where I decided that I should enter the world of gastronomy without leaving aside the tourism that I like so much.

Life is a constant rotation of sensations, emotions and flavors.

We will have all kinds of flavors… The sweet, the salty, the bitter, the sour, the bittersweet and all of them will always be linked to an emotion, an experience.

These experiences are what feed our soul. Our spirit is nourished and allowing it to fly and taste is the best fusion we can give it to keep it in a happy mode.

It is for this reason that more than 8 years ago I started to turn my life around and merged the pleasures of life into my way of living! To explore the world with my 5 senses, to enter the fascinating smell of the stoves of different cultures, to know their lifestyle, to adapt to it and to nourish myself with their stories.

This is how astuviaje gourmet was born in 2008 and how I began to look at the world with different eyes.

This is just the beginning of a world of flavor. This is gastronomic tourism in America.

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