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Why is Argentine beef so good?

Many people wonder what is different about Argentine cows compared to those from other countries. What makes an Argentinean cut, be it bife de chorizo, matambre, punta de anca, churrasco, asado de tira, taste better than the one from our country?

Today I’ll tell you what goes on behind an Argentinean cut!

I don’t know if you have heard the term: Happy cows! In Argentina they have it very clear and their cows are happy cows, they are always in the open air, sunbathing, in plains, which means that their meat is not tough, eating grass and not corn as it happens in some countries.

It is not healthy for a cow to consume corn because it is difficult to digest and produces dangerous bacteria.

A first secret is clear: the life the cow has and what it eats! We continue with the maturation process that makes most of the cuts in the country. These maturation processes help in the tenderness and juiciness of the cuts.

Ripening processes consist of three stages: pre-rigor, rigor and post-rigor. These processes begin from the time the animal is slaughtered until three days later. The longer the processing time, the greater the tenderness, nutrition and digestibility.

The maturation process takes place in spaces with specialized infrastructure and specific technical standards. Just as a cheese matures and a wine ages in barrels, so meat has its maturation process.

Meat care does not end here. Argentines are experts in asados and it is clear that here is the final touch to delight the palate. They emphasize smoking rather than sealing, they light the grill with wood briquettes and do not grill on a grate but on volcanic stone grills or with thermal ceramic bricks.

Argentine beef does not need marinade, only grilled salt, since its maturation process and the cow’s happy life give it an unparalleled flavor.

More than 6.6 million tons of meat are consumed daily in Argentina, the most traded products are steers and we could not miss the king of meat, Mr. Alberto Samid, owner of a chain of butcher shops and fast food restaurants.

Each country undoubtedly has its gastronomic strengths and Argentina’s forte is clearly meat, without leaving aside the quality of its wines, especially Malbec.

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